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Can You Hear the Sound of the Static Noise?

Blasting Out in Stereo.

Stuff I Love;

I love Green Day. They are my life. They're my role models, heroes, whatever. I look up to them so much and July 16th, 2009 when I saw them in Hamilton, was THE best night of my life. <3

CSI: Miami.
The Mentalist.
Big Brother.

The Internet. I spend a lot of time online, a lot of time on forums, LiveJournal, Twitter (Twitter link at the bottom), Facebook, fanfiction.net, etc. My laptop is my life, sad as that is (my life other than Green Day). ;)

Guitar Hero. I'm no video game junkie. I just really, really, like that game...

Little kid shows like Pokemon and Fairly Odd Parents. I still laugh at them.

Team Rocket. Yes, FROM the show Pokemon. I love them, they are epic cartoon characters.

Tattoos and piercings! I've had my nose and eyebrow and ears pierced and had to take them all out because my body hates them. I still love them on other people. :) I have a tattoo and had no problems with that, thank God. I plan on being covered in them some day. xD

Hair dye.

My pets! I have three cats, a dog, and a guinea pig. Technically the guinea pig is my brothers, but I take care of her more than he does.

My Nannie and Pa! xD

My mommy.

Reading! I can't choose a favourite book, there are way too many. But Darren Shan is by far my favourite author ever, I just can't choose a favourite of his books.

Music. I know I said above that Green Day is my favourite band, and they are, but I love ALL music. The only music I actually don't like, is country. Sorry country lovers, I just can't get into any of it. Everything else, woohoo. At the moment my favourite band aside from Green Day is KISS.

Completely contradicting what I just said above, I LOVE Reba McEntire, who is a country singer. She's about the only country I can stand. xD

Fan fiction. xD Especially slash. Male/Male. I don't know why, it's just another guilty pleasure. I also love Original Character fics.

Pigs. I just... happen to love pigs.

Adam Lambert.
Johnny Depp.
Simon Baker.
Stuff I Don't Like;

Wearing glasses! I hate it, I just do. I mostly hate how I have to clean them. Unfortunately without them, I can't see anything farther than an arms length away from me. I shall be looking into contacts when I can afford them myself.

People who drink, obsessivley. I have a certain family member who drinks a lot, so I have my reasons for not liking it.

One-sided conversations. I happen to have a lot of these with different people who only talk about things interesting to them.

How long it takes to make animations in Animation Shop.

Doing dishes. It's just gross, unless you have a dishwasher. My prehistoric kitchen doesn't.

People who can't spell... that bothers me A LOT. Not of course, if you're not a native English speaker. But if you have never spoken any other language BESIDES English and you STILL can't spell, it is annoying.


Green Day Haters. ^_^

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